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Our firm is based in 1992 and is a small enterprise. We were engaged in perfection of technology of stamping manufactures. Since 1996 we have taken the decision of a problem of condensation of connections of hydraulics of a high pressure, in particular, on grain-harvesting combines.

The mainstream chose use as a sealant formed cutting rings. We managed to develop and protect by patent a design of a ring which can be received punching. The patent is registered at number RU ╧ 2119607 F16 L 19/08 from 27 September 1998 year. We have developed manufacturing techniques and have mastered manufacture of the patented rings. The carried out tests have shown, that our rings with success work at pressure from 0,6 MPa up to 160 MPa.

We make and we deliver these rings for combines, let out PLS " Rostselmash ", since 1997 till now. For 5 years our rings are established on more than 10000 combines and have shown good results. Recentlyed we developed and protect by patent RU 2180067 C1 F16 L 19/08 new designs of a cutting ring and technology ("know-how") its manufacturing. The given rings are shown on our site.

Main Contact us Technical characteristic and products Patent
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